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Xtreme Eco Blasting, a commercial pressure washing service based in Iron Station, North Carolina, provides professional cleaning services for commercial and business facilities every day in Gaston, Lincoln and Mecklenburg counties and the surrounding areas.

We clean:

  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Windows
  • Exterior break areas
  • Paint removal including lead paint
  • Asbestos removal and abatement
  • Realtor services properties
  • Property management locations
  • self-storage facilities
  • Business entrance and store fronts
  • Parking garages
  • Drive-throughs
  • Building exterior surfaces
  • Roofs and roofing systems
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Dumpster areas
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Construction equipment

Business owners know the importance of maintaining a welcoming and professional appearance for their customers. Pressure washing and soft cleaning are essential to preserving an inviting tone to keep customers happy and coming back. From the parking lot to the building exterior to the building entrance, all are important to keep clean. Not only does have a clean facility keep customers happy but it also sustains or even increases property value – that is a proven fact!

Scheduling periodic pressure washing to exterior surfaces prevents the buildup of unsightly mold, pollen, mildew, dirt, algae and bird droppings. Accumulation of these contaminants not only affects the appearance of the property but it is also creates an unhealthy environment. Algae can cause slippery conditions where falls could occur and mold is toxic to breath for people that have certain allergies. Parking areas such as lots and garages all accumulate grease and oil spots. These parking surfaces should receive frequent cleaning to prevent customers and employees from slipping and falling on slick areas containing these petroleum products.

Xtreme Eco Blasting has the technology, equipment and experience to maintain all your commercial and business property’s exterior surfaces. Going beyond the outside, we also clean restaurant kitchen flooring and kitchen equipment that requires deep cleaning necessary to maintain sanitation ratings.

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